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california fake id Fake IDs Problem On Backburner The illegal sale of counterfeit documents is still thriving in the streets of Los Angeles. "There have been some improvements, but we still have a long way to go," say Sgt. Christopher Bonzor, of the Huntington Park Police Department. And counterfeit experts say it's just as easy today to buy a bogus ID as it was six months ago, when, as CBS News Correspondent Sandra Hughes reports, we sent our producer undercover to buy a fake driver's license and use it to board a plane. And counterfeit rings are becoming more sophisticated. They haven't busted one document mill. But the government has cracked down on airport employees using fake Ids, launching a nationwide effort that resulted in almost 200 arrests. "The employees that we looked at all had highlevel badges called sata badges. attorney. The Transportation Security Administration admits with all its other security priorities, they are still almost a year away from even addressing the fake ID problem. "We're not there yet," says Adm. James Loy, undersecretary of the TSA. "We can do better, and we have set in motion means of helping make that happen." John Nevill's company manufacturers a machine that can detect fake driver's licenses from any state with an encoded magnetic strip. Despite the machine's proven ability, neither the TSA nor the major airlines seem interested right now. Senator Barbara Boxer, DCalif., wants to see such technology in every American airport. After watching CBS reports, she introduced two counterfeit document bills to stiffen penalties for counterfeiters and better train airport employees. Neither has become law yet. id god Last Minute fake id california
fake id photo tips Fake version of Pokemon Go infects Android and takes over phone Android users in the UK excited to get their hands on a copy of augmented reality gamePokmon Go could have downloaded a malicious version of the app that could give hackers access to their phone. Cybersecurity researchers discovered the tamperedwith version of the wildly popular mobile game just 72 hours after it launched in Australia and New Zealand last week. The security vulnerability could lead to an attacker gaining "full control over a victim's phone", said the researchers at Proofpoint. The security vulnerability could affect userskeen to get their hands on a copy of the game, which is yet to be made available outside of the US, Australia and New Zealand, who have downloaded a version of the game from outside of the official Google Play store. To get a copy of the game in the UK, where release has been delayeddue to overloaded servers, Android owners have to give their phone permission to download thirdparty apps then download it from outside of the Google Play store. Proofpoint outlined a couple of ways to check if a malicious version has been installed, including compare the permissions of the app with the actual one or compare its hash, a long string of numbers that verifies the official version. "Downloading available applications from legitimate app stores is the best way to avoid compromising your device and the networks it accesses," said the researchers. "Just because you can get the latest software on your device does not mean that you should." Luckily for some users, the work around on iOS devicesdoesn't involve downloading unverified versions of the apps. Instead, users can change the region settings and get a copy of Pokmon Go from the official App Store.