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fake id reddit Facial Recognition Remember all the technology in movies such as Minority Report? At the time, it seemed so bizarre and futuristic, but some of it is beginning to seep into society. I'm talking about the phenomenon of facial recognition. What do you think of facial recognition? Do you find it amazing or frightening? Let us know. "People are interested to harvest as much information they can from photos and videos to connect with other people," he said. It also sends alerts to Facebook users if it thinks a picture or video of him or her may have been uploaded. Hirsch believes the service enables a "deeper value of connecting," and said it continually makes improvements. For instance, the Israelbased company recently updated its API and added several attributes. Not only can the company read faces, but now, it can also detect a subject's age, gender, and even mood. According to Hirsch, they play around with a lot of different attributes based on what users want to learn. It can also detect what the gender is and make an assumption about the mood of the person. The news of the improvements have been widely publicized, but most of the headlines have focused on the fact that fake ID's would be much harder to use with this new development. Although it's true, Hirsch told us that this was not the company's intention. "We are not looking for security or surveillancetype of applications," he said. However, society continues to associate facial recognition with security purposes or in relation to spying on people. As a result, a lot of people are freaked out by it. Hirsch, in part, blames Hollywood for this association. "Hollywood only presented face recognition as this onetrick pony that you can only do surveillance and follow up on people," he explained. "We're trying to do something very different." The International Biometrics and Identification Association (IBIA) raised some red flags about the concept in a recent report. According to the organization, facial recognition applications "must be deployed with utmost sensitivity to the privacy of the consumer and the general public." It also calls for selfregulatory measures for the industry. "We're looking for valueadded services stuff that makes people feel good about the service, not bad," said Hirsch. fake id generator Outlet Shop fake drivers license
fake id missouri Fake Apple Store in China even fools staff SHANGHAI Chinese counterfeiters have had a field day pumping out knockoffs of Apple Inc's bestselling iPhones and iPads, but one appears to have gone a step further a near flawless fake Apple Store that even employees believe is the real deal. The store in Kunming was stumbled upon by a 27yearold American blogger living in the city, the capital of China's mountainous southwestern Yunnan province. Complete with the white Apple logo, wooden tables and cheery staff claiming they work for the iPhone maker, the store looks every bit like Apple Stores found all over the world, according to the blogger, who goes by the name "BirdAbroad". "This was a total Apple store ripoff. A beautiful ripoff a brilliant one the best ripoff store we had ever seen," the anonymous blogger posted on Wednesday. Apple takes infringement of intellectual property very seriously and acts swiftly to protect its secrets. bar last year and was sold to a technology blog Gizmodo, Apple kicked up a furor and investigators raided a journalist's home. The United States and other Western countries have often complained China is woefully behind in its effort to stamp out intellectual property theft. brands, and the respect and loyalty they command from consumers, are critical to our ability to compete in China and around the world. trade official said. "Confronting those challenges is a high priority for the Obama Administration," the official added. It was unclear whether the store was selling fake or genuine Apple products. The store had sections devoted to different Apple products, similar to real Apple stores, and large posters advertising the iPhone 4 and MacBook Pro, according to photos on the blog. (here) The Cupertino, Californiabased firm reported forecastsmashing results on Tuesday, helped by massive growth in Asia, and China in particular. Apple executives have said they have just scratched the surface in China and the company is in the process of opening more stores there. International Trade Commission said in May. Apple, which was slow to establish its brand in China, has four retail outlets in Beijing and Shanghai. The firm plans another two more this year, including one in Shanghai and another in Hong Kong. But the immense popularity of Apple's iPads, iPhones and MacBook computers has spurred a bumper crop of resellers with dubious credentials. (here) But the proprietors fell short on the attention to detail displayed by their counterparts in Kunming. For one, the store also sold some other products, like chocolate jigsaw puzzles, that would never see the light of day at a real Apple Store. "Do you have a Web camera for my MacBook?" asked one customer. "No, but our other store in Lujiazui should have it," said the sales representative, referring to Apple's genuine retail store in the heart of Shanghai's financial district. When approached, none of the staff claimed to work for Apple or that the store was an actual Apple Store. Customers appeared unfazed. "I prefer to get my Apple products fixed here. It's very troublesome going to the real Apple store in Lujiazui because not only do you have to pay to get repairs, but you have to make an appointment to see the sales specialist," said Xavier, a 30something expatriate who declined to give his last name. "The prices are the same as the real store but the service is better here," he added, before whipping out his two iPads to tinker with. (Additional reporting by Poornima Gupta in San Francisco and Doug Palmer in Washington; Editing by Jason Subler, Lincoln Feast, Richard Chang and Paul Simao)